List of Instructors Under S

Wade SamfordALCP Listening/Speaking Lvl 4015-00
Shaakirrah SandersConstitutional Law II905-01
Dennis ScarnecchiaSeminar495-01
Cynthia SchmiegeContemporary Family Relationships440-01
Richard SeamonConstitutional Law816-01
Richard SeamonAdministrative Law907-01
Richard SeamonConflict of Laws960-01
Steven ShookMarketing321-00
Manoj ShresthaAdvanced Political Science and Research Methods (Joint listed with POLS 535)435-01
Manoj ShresthaLocal Government Politics and Administration (Joint listed with POLS 572)472-01
Manoj ShresthaGovernmental Policy and Program Analysis556-01
David SiglerIntroduction to English Studies215-02
Sanjay SisodiyaProduct Development and Brand Management495-01
Steven SmithMedia Management and Economics443-01
Steven A. SmithMass Media Ethics341-01
Mark SolomonTribal Sovereignty/Policy (Cross and Joint Listed with AIST 404 and ENVS 504)404-02
Mark SolomonTribal Sovereignty/Policy (Cross and Joint Listed with ENVS 404 & 504)404-09
Mark SolomonTribal Sovereignty/Policy (Cross and Joint Listed with AIST 404 and ENVS 404)504-02
Ingrid SpenceTeaching Culturally Diverse Learners302-01
Ingrid SpenceSecondary English Methods **ON RESERVE AT IMTC**431-01
Law StaffJurisprudence961-01
Julie Stafford SonPolicy Analysis and Historical Perspectives of Leisure585-01
Amanda StartPhysical Activity, Wellness & Behavior Change for Healthy Active Lifestyles201-01
Jennifer SteereCollege Writing and Rhetoric102-03
Daniel StelckCarbon Compounds275-00
Deborah StenkampHuman Physiology121-00
Bernhard StumpfGeneral Physics I111-01
Bernhard StumpfGeneral Physics II112-00
Susan StuntznerPsycho-social Aspects of Disability531-01
Susan StuntznerPracticum597-70
Ikuyo SuzukiJapanese Professional Culture404-01