List of Instructors Under P

Dean PanttajaLighting Design I205-01
Michael ParkLaw of Mass Media448-01
Sofie PasilisPrinciples of Physical Chemistry Lab303-00
Sofie PasilisPhysical Chemistry Lab (shelved under Chem 303-00)307-00
Sofie PasilisInstrumental Analysis454-01
Sofie PasilisSeparation Theory and Chromatography553-01
Joseba Perez-GuerreroProficiency in Reading308-01
Anne PerrigueyIntermediate French II202-01
Anne PerrigueyFrance and Francophone Culture and Institutions408-01
Michaela PetersenEngineering Mechanics of Materials350-03
Steven PetersonPrinciples of Economics201-02
Steven PetersonPrinciples of Economics202-00
Steven PetersonMoney and Banking343-01
Ryanne PilgeramIntroduction to Diversity and Stratification (Cross listed with ANTH 301)301-00
Ryanne PilgeramIntroduction to Diversity and Stratification (Cross listed with SOC 301)301-00
Ryanne PilgeramFood, Culture, and Society350-01
Ryanne PilgeramSociology of Gender (Cross listed with ANTH 424)424-00
Ryanne PilgeramRacial and Ethnic Relations427-01
Joel PlaskonLocal and Regional Comprehensive Planning521-01
Christina PollardTopics in Immigration Law901-06
Christina PollardImmigration Clinic996-01
Madison PowellIchthyology481-01
Timothy PratherInvasive Plant Biology410-01
Beth PricePrinciples and Methods of Child Observation235-01
Beth PriceDevelopmental Curriculum for Young Children333-01
Beth PriceInternship Preschool497-01
Diane ProrakInformation Literacy for the Library Media Specialist426-01
Diane ProrakChildren’s Literature for Librarians428-05
Diane ProrakAdolescent Literature for Librarians429-01