List of Instructors Under K

Delphine Keim-CampbellDrawing I111-01
Delphine Keim-CampbellDesign Process I121-00
Delphine Keim-CampbellDesign Process II (crosslisted with Art 121)122-00
Ashley KerrCulture and Institutions of Latin America306-01
Ashley KerrCulture and Institutions of Latin America (Cross listed with LAS 306)306-01
Ashley KerrHispanic Film391-01
Ashley KerrHispanic Film (Cross listed with LAS 391)391-01
Bill KerrIQ Station100-00
Bill KerrThis is a test course101-11
Courtney KerstenCollege Writing and Rhetoric (Sections 03 & 06)102-03
Joni KirkMass Media and Crisis Communication531-01
Ellen KittellHistory of Civilization101-01
Ellen KittellHistory of Civilization102-01
Ellen KittellWomen in Pre-Modern European History357-01
Ellen KittellThe Medieval State: Europe in the High and Late Middle Ages443-01
Andrew KliskeySociety and Natural Resources235-01
Andrew KliskeySociety & Natural Resources235-01
Marla KrautEthical Leadership517-01
Michael KrothEducation and Work for Sustainability507-80
Michael KrothCareer Development in Organizations560-00
Michael KrothAdult and Transformational Learning574-80
Joseph KuhleGeneral Genetics314-00