List of Instructors Under A

Anne AdamsElementary Math Education **PHYSICAL ITEMS ON RESERVE AT IMTC**327-01
David AdlerSupreme Court Seminar901-05
Kodjotse AfatchaoAfrica Today326-01
Spence and DavisTeaching Culturally Diverse Learners - All Sections **ON RESERVE AT IMTC**302-00
Janice AndersonEthics [HONORS] sections 12 and 13103-12
Janice AndersonEarly Christianity: Texts and Thought (Cross listed with RELS 303)303-01
Janis AndersonBiblical Judaism: Texts and Thought302-01
Mark AndersonCriminal Law812-02
Mark AndersonAntitrust and Trade Regulations910-01
Mark AndersonBusiness Association919-01
Mark AndersonIntellectual Property: Unfair Competition922-01
Suat AyFundamentals of Electronics310-00