Course Reserves for Law

506-01 Interdisciplinary Methods in Water Resources Barbara Cosens
552-69 State and Local Government Stephen Miller
805-01 Civil Procedure and Intro to Law Angelique Eaglewoman
805-02 Civil Procedure and Intro to Law Donald Burnett
806-02 Civil Procedure II Elizabeth Brandt
807-01 Property Ben Beard
807-02 Property Benji Cover
809-01 Torts Dale Goble
809-02 Torts Monique Lillard
812-01 Criminal Law
812-02 Criminal Law Mark Anderson
813-01 Contracts Annemarie Bridy
813-02 Contracts D. Ben Beard
816-01 Constitutional Law Richard Seamon
820- Statutory Reading and Interpretation Cover; Telesetsky
851-01 Advanced Torts Monique Lillard
853-01 Education Law John Rumel
901-00 Idaho State Bar CLE list Law Library
901-03 International Business Transactions Matthew Christensen
901-05 Advanced Criminal Procedure Seminar Brooke Hardy
901-06 Supreme Court Seminar David Adler
901-16 Corporate Tax Barbara Lock
901-28 Estate Planning John McGown
903-01 Introduction to Intellectual Property Annemarie Bridy
905-01 Constitutional Law II Michael Park
906-01 Natural Resources Law Dale Goble
907-01 Administrative Law Richard Seamon
907-02 Administrative Law Stephen Miller
908-01 Workplace Law Monique Lillard
908-02 Workplace Law John Rumel
910-01 Antitrust and Trade Regulations Mark Anderson
911-01 Suretyship and Guaranty D. Ben Beard
915-xx International Business Transactions --- ---
916-01 Public International Law Anastasia Telesetsky
917-01 Negotiation and Alternative Dispute Resolutions Maureen Laflin
918-01 Cyberlaw Annemarie Bridy
919-01 Business Associations Mark Anderson
919-02 Business Associations Sarah Haan
920-01 Securities Regulation
921-01 Accounting for Law Students Deborah McIntosh
922-01 Trademarks Mark Anderson
924-01 Sales D. Ben Beard
925-01 Property Security Wendy Couture
926-01 Bankruptcy LAW STAFF
927-01 Business Entities Taxation John Miller
928-01 Tribal Economics and law Angelique Eaglewoman
930-01 Taxation Jack Miller
932-01 Estate Planning Jack Miller
934-01 Land-Use Law and Planning Jerrold Long
941-01 Wills, Estates, and Trusts Elizabeth Barker Brandt
942-01 Water Law
945-01 Community Property Elizabeth Brandt
947-01 Environmental Law Anastasia Telesetcky
949-01 Native American Law Angelique Eaglewoman
950-01 Evidence Aliza Cover
950-02 Evidence John Rumel
951-01 Environmental Law II Jerrold Long
952-01 Remedies Aman McLeod
953-01 Criminal Procedure Aliza Cover
954-01 Trial Skills
958-01 Trial Ad
960-01 Conflict of Laws Richard Seamon
961-01 Jurisprudence Law Staff
962-01 Professional Responsibility Don Burnett
963-01 Family Law Elizabeth Brandt
964-01 Children and the Law
965-01 Elder Law John Miller
971-01 Lawyering Process Jessica Long
980-01 Copyrights Annemarie Bridy
982-01 Idaho Law Review Idaho Law Review
984-01 Real Estate Transactions Christenson Christensen
996-01 Immigration Clinic Christina Pollard